Cafes & Restaurants

Catering Companies & Cooking/Culinary Schools

MFD have been supplying several Cafes and Restaurants across Melbourne for over 24years for all their Food and Cleaning supplies, providing a "One Order One Delivery©" Solution.

We have a dedicated Truck that delivers into the City and Inner City areas.

With our "One Order One, Delivery©" solution, your Cafes or Restaurant will save the hassles of having multiple Suppliers, multiple Invoices, and multiple deliveries at multiple times of the day.

Not only we are competitive in our Prices, you will also benefit from our Value-Added Services, such as:

  1. Wholesale Food Specialist
  2. Australian Owned Family Business
  3. Delivery in our Fleet of approved Food Transport Refrigerated Trucks and Vans, by our regular Drivers
  4. Place your Order by 3pm for next Business Day delivery
  5. Order in Bulk and/or loose (if you have limited storage space)
  6. We provide personalised Service when you call
  7. We can produce your very own personalised Standard Pantry List Order form, that you can just fill out and either email/fax to us
  8. We can create an Account for you so to enable you to start Ordering with Us
  9. Over 18,000 Product Lines to choose from
  10. We are flexible in working with You for any urgent and/or "forgot to Order" items for Delivery

Our "One Order One Delivery ©" Solution will provide:

  • Groceries at Wholesale Prices
    • Chilled/Dairy/Frozen
    • Gluten-free Products
    • Complete Food Service (Bulk)
  • Fresh Milk
  • Freshly Baked Breads
  • Australian Grown Fresh Fruit & Vegstables
  • Freshly cut Meats
    • Including Halal Certified Meats