Customer Returns

The following rules apply in order for Customers returns claims to be accepted:

  • The return of goods will not be accepted without prior authorisation from Melbourne Food Distributors or its authorised representative by contacting the Customer Service Department on 03 8512 0423 within 2 hours after delivery of the goods to the Customer;
  • Returns of unpacked goods will not be accepted;
  • Returns of Special Orders will not be accepted;
  • Returns of goods received by Melbourne Food Distributors after the period specified by Melbourne Food Distributors when granting authorisation for the goods to be returned will not be accepted;
  • In the event that Melbourne Food Distributors authorises a return of goods, no claim for the same shall be considered unless:
    1. the goods are returned in the original packaging and in good order and condition;
    2. All price stickers, security devices or other non-MFD labelling or items must be removed otherwise returns will not be accepted or a charge for removal will apply;
  • The goods are accompanied by documentation showing:
    1. The Customer’s name and address
    2. The respective Melbourne Food Distributors invoice number;
    3. Reason for return; and
    4. Pink return slip form
    5. Unauthorised or unacceptable returns may be returned to the Customer at the Customer’s expense
    6. Special Make-Up Orders and Custom Product Orders may not be returned
    7. Customers must return goods only by Melbourne Food Distributors nominated carriers
    8. All returned goods shall be subject to an inspection by Melbourne Food Distributors or an authorised agent, before any claim will be considered;
    9. Acceptance of the returned goods by Melbourne Food Distributors shall not constitute any acceptance of any claim; and
    10. Melbourne Food Distributors reserves the right to raise credits at the lowest invoiced prices if original invoice details are not provided.